July 17, 2016 8:14 am

London tubes have just gone 24hrs and guess what!? Vauxhall is is part of the first phase!

Yes that’s right everybodies favourite trio of clubs (Fire, Lightbox & Protocol) are now fully accessible all night long via the night tube. Phase one of the night tube sees both the Victoria and central line run a 24hr service which started last weekend which is great news for you Orange Nation clubbers!

This essentially means you can come to our parties at whatever time you like! So if your working that dreaded late shift at work or you have one of those ever familiar spontaneous nights out the night tube is there to save the day (or night for that matter) and cater for all your afterhour clubbing needs.

So remember you can get into A:M as late as 9am and Beyond until 11am!

For more details regarding the 24hr night tube visit

Article written by Marcus Donnelly

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