Michel Mizrahi

Born in Turkey, moved to Israel in his late teens. In 2008 he started spinning at the Chich Beach Pride beach party in Tel Aviv,  Vox, DOME,  and Playground in Tel Aviv.

In 2009, Michel moved to London and played for events including Queen of Clubs, Matinee London and M.O.S.T. at the  Ministry of Sound in London. In 2013, Michel started spinning for Orange Group’s A:M afterhours as one of the Future Heroes, and since then  he has become the resident of the internationally famous BEYOND party as well as  MATINEE London, while also playing at parties such as  A:M, BRAVA, PAPA, SAFADO, FOREVER KISS  in London and around the world. Michel has represented the BEYOND party internationally , such as at THE WEEK Brazil during ETERNA Festival in Sao Paulo, at the CIRCUIT Festival in Barcelona, at the WE Pride  and WE New Years Festivals in Madrid  to name a few. Michel plays a unique mix of sounds and genres, generally with uplifting and pulsating beats, influenced by the musical elements around the world.